JEGS and SpillFix Clean Up Together

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SpillFix Industrial Organic Absorbent – which cleans up oil spills 50% faster and uses 80% less product than silica-based “kitty litter” — is finally available to consumers for home use. The 100% natural absorbent can now be ordered through JEGS, the nation’s second largest online catalog distributor of automotive equipment. Consumers got their first glimpse of SpillFix last year when it was used to clean up oil spills on Trans Am race tracks around the country. When the fans witnessed how quickly the coconut coir-based absorbent sucked up the oil without leaving any sticky residue on the busy paddock, they wanted to know “Where can we buy it?” The answer, as of January 2016, is JEGS, which sells performance auto parts, aftermarket accessories, and tools. Until now SpillFix was only available for industrial use. SpillFix and JEGS are perfect partners because both started small and were created out of necessity. For three decades, consumers and industries had no spill solutions that were quick, cost-effective and safe for humans and the environment. SpillFix, a product of Galuku Group Limited and distributed/marketed by American Green Ventures in North America, answered that need, providing a lightweight, dust-free, non-carcinogenic, non-abrasive, and cost-effective solution. It absorbs hazardous liquid spills including oils, fuels, solvents, paints and chemicals. It can be reused over and over and disposed of in landfills without creating an environmental hazard. JEGS began in 1960, when Jeg Coughlin Sr. opened a small speed shop in a garage near downtown Columbus, Ohio. His shop was created because the high performance auto parts he and his friends needed to modify their hot rods couldn’t be found anywhere else in the Midwest. As the shop attracted outside customers, JEGS expanded and their growth has skyrocketed over the past 55 years. They now have a race team (Team JEGS), a 250,000 square foot warehouse, a retail store, two mail order locations, and website. Both companies look forward to a long and successful relationship. Especially since they share a simple business philosophy — customer care comes first. To order SpillFix through JEGS, click here