Why Should You Pair Your Paint Company With SpillFix?

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If you paint homes for a living, you know spilled paint causes a lot of problems. Because of paint’s slick nature, spilled paint creates a dangerous work environment for employees. Also, spilling buckets of paint in a client’s home could lead to stains on their floors. To ensure the productivity of your paint company, workers and owners should properly prepare themselves for the job to reduce the risk of spills. For example, by laying drop cloths on the floor under the work area, painters limit the risk of staining the floor. Painters should also always securely tape the cloth to the ground after removing as many wrinkles as possible to avoid inadvertent tripping. Workers should only keep paint cans they are currently using close while painting, and they should store the rest of their supplies in a vehicle or another room to decrease the instances of accidentally knocking cans over. Still, despite a worker’s best effort, accidents and spills do occur, and it’s important to have supplies on hand to address this potential problem. Keeping a spill absorbent product – like SpillFix – around the office and bringing it with you to jobs will give you an extra edge to clean spills quickly and efficiently. What is SpillFix? SpillFix is an organic spill absorbent product made for the cleanup of industry spills. SpillFix’s base, made from the all-natural coconut husk, provides a healthy alternative to clay-based absorbent products. When used, SpillFix leaves no breathable dust that could cause damage to workers’ lungs or overall health. After being used correctly, SpillFix sucks the paint off the floor without leaving traces of stains. How to Clean a Paint Spill with SpillFix Using the SpillFix absorbent product to clean paint spills in your company is very easy:
  1. Identify the source of the spill
  2. Stop the source from continuing to spill
  3. Contain the present spill by sprinkling the SpillFix product around the outside of the paint
  4. Cover the top of the spill by sprinkling SpillFix on top of the paint
  5. Use an old broom to mix the paint into the coconut husk base
  6. Scoop the used SpillFix into a disposable bag or container
  7. Dispose of the bag/container (used SpillFix is approved by the EPA for landfill disposal, but always check local regulations before tossing your byproduct)
Once properly cleaned, the paint leaves no stains or slippery residue on the floor. This makes for happy customers and safe working conditions. How to Clean Paint Cans with SpillFix Dirty, empty paint cans come with the job when you make your livelihood on painting houses. Sometimes, workers find it hard to remove excess paint from the crevices of cans. SpillFix makes the paint can cleaning process easy for employees. Simply drop a couple handfuls of the absorbent product into the can. Then, use a stirrer to coat all the paint inside the can. Once all the paint is soaked into the SpillFix absorbent, you can dispose the byproduct safely into a trash bin and recycle the aluminum can. Alternatively, clean paint cans make great storage containers for paint brushes, tacks, or other small industry items. (add video of cleaning paint can) Stop using ineffective cleanup methods when dealing with paint spills in your industry. Choosing a spill absorbent will cut down on worker related accidents and increase business productivity. Learn more about SpillFix absorbent products made from renewable resources.