San Antonio Expo Gives Companies a Chance to Showcase Oil-Field Products

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By Daniel Pérez, Staff Writer. Despite a downturn in crude oil prices this year, nearly 400 booths lined the floor of the Convention Center on Wednesday for the start of the South Texas Oil Field Expo. Companies from all over the U.S. came to showcase their latest technologies — everything from remote oil-field monitoring to powerful air-conditioning units to help prevent heat exhaustion in the South Texas summer — and to connect with fellow members of the oil and gas industry. Massachusetts-based Galuku showcased its SpillFix product, a natural coconut-based absorbent that can clean a variety of spills in an environmentally safe manner. It is primarily used to clean oil spills and is an alternative to products made of silica-based-clay, which can be a health hazard and require more material to be effective. [read full story]