3 Ways SpillFix Absorbent Product Will Save Your Business Money

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: switching to SpillFix is the best decision a company can make. Why? Because when it comes to absorbent products, nothing cleans a spill quite like SpillFix – and nothing saves you money quite like SpillFix, either. Having the right tools to deal with oil spills, fuel spills, chemical spills, and even acid spills makes a big difference, in many ways. Not only do the right tools make the cleanup process much quicker and safer, but the right tools also make the process more affordable overall – and SpillFix certainly meets all of these criteria:
  • SpillFix is safer to use for your workers (and your equipment!). With SpillFix there is no post clean-up mess to handle as with heavy sticky clay or absorbent pads. And because SpillFix is a leak-free product, it reduces the chances of your workers being injured by or slipping on the material that’s being cleaned up. SpillFix is also dust free, which minimizes any side effects your workers may feel from using it. Not only that, but this trait makes SpillFix safer to use around workplace equipment. That’s worker comp time and equipment repairs or replacement funding that stays in your pocket, all thanks to a switch in your absorbent product lineup!
  • SpillFix is a multi-purpose cleaning tool. If you work around multiple types of spillable liquids you may currently buy more than one absorbent product. But why buy multiple cleaning products for your worksite if just one could do the trick? SpillFix can absorb a range of liquid spills, and as a result will work on fuel spills, acid spills, oil spills, and more (although certain heavy-duty chemicals or acids will still require special cleaning tools).
  • You need less SpillFix to clean. With SpillFix, you need almost 80% less product to absorb a spill as compared to clay based absorbents. Plus, due to its super absorbency, SpillFix can often be used for more than one spill. SpillFix will also take up to 85% less time to clean up a spill compared with clay based absorbents. Take these three points and combine them, and you have a product that will save you time and man-hours!
SpillFix - Less product, less waste!
by ShannonLattin.
  • SpillFix can help cut disposal costs. Most absorbent products have to go through certain disposal channels; SpillFix Industrial Organic Absorbent, however, has been tested to the USEPA Leachate standards for landfill disposal. Thought you should always confer with local authorities regarding proper disposal, SpillFix ultimately creates less waste and is landfill safe, providing lower disposal cost with no environmental impact.
Ultimately these four points combine to form a money-saving formula. Here’s just one example of how SpillFix can save a working company money:
SpillFix - Savings on product, shipping and disposal!
by ShannonLattin.

With SpillFix in your spill-emergency response kit, you can be confident that you are using the most cost-effective spill cleanup solution for a healthy and safe workplace. With the ability to clean up a spill immediately you provide for a safe workplace sooner.

Have you made the switch to SpillFix? Start tracking your spending and let us know how the cost compared to your former product lineup and use in the comments!