Staying Fire Free In The New Year

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Do you know about the most common fire hazards in your industry? There could be more dangers than you think. Every year, it’s estimated that 80,000 workplace fires seriously damage businesses and injure workers. For 2015, we want to help you and your business recognize and avoid common business place fire hazards, which will help you and your employees be as safe as possible. At SpillFix, we believe once you are aware of these three frequent fire risks, it’s much easier to avoid them later. Oily Rags When a fuel spill happens in your shop, reaching for a rag is normally the first thing that comes to mind. However, piles of oily rags become a very dangerous fire hazard in the workplace. Not only are the rags highly flammable, but some piles of rags have been known to get so warm they ignite themselves. Instead of using a rag to clean workplace spills, we suggest investing in a spill kit with a professional absorbent product. They’re much more efficient at cleaning spills than work rags and, depending on whether or not the absorbent product meets your community’s waste disposal guidelines, they can be much easier to dispose of properly. Old/Malfunctioning Equipment How long have you been using the machinery at your factory? If a machine is over a couple decades old, you might be working around a fire hazard. Old and malfunctioning pieces of equipment are more likely to give off sparks when in use. If these sparks land in the wrong spot, you could have a fire on your hands that employees aren’t equipped to handle. For the new year, we suggest seriously considering upgrading your machinery. At the very least, be sure to keep old equipment clean and free of clutter in case of sparks. Lastly, check wires and gears continuously to be sure the machine is working properly. Clutter Even if you always remember to put your tools and materials away correctly, other types of clutter in the work area can act as fuel for a spreading fire. Files stacked on the floor and overflowing trash bins are just a couple of the worst culprits. Professional organizers also agree that too much clutter can be a dangerous fire hazard to buildings. We suggest really taking the time to clean up your area this year. A potential fire shouldn’t be getting help from your office when spreading throughout a building. Your stack of papers in the corner might look intimidating now, but after taking the time to go through them, you might find things you forgot existed. In addition to staying on the look out for these fire hazards, it is also important to have a clear safety plan in the event of a fire. All employees should be aware of where the fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and emergency exits are located throughout the building. Following these tips will help you stay fire free in the new year.