The 4 Big Reasons You Should Switch From Your Absorbent Product To SpillFix

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Chances are that if your company keeps an absorbent product stocked up on site, no one has given their absorbent product of choice a second thought in some time, opting instead to continue using the same one they always have. But if you haven’t changed your absorbent product in a year or so, now is the perfect time to ask yourself: are there better products out there that will do their job and also save me money? We’re happy to tell you: Yes, there are! Products like SpillFix provide great, cost-effective alternatives to other popular absorbent products currently available on the market. Now you’re probably asking, why exactly should I even consider SpillFix? What makes it so special? The answer is that there are four big reasons to consider SpillFix above any other absorbent product:
  • SpillFix is a green and environmentally friendly absorbent product. We went all the way in our efforts to make SpillFix as green and environmentally safe as we could. For starters, we make SpillFix from a renewable resource: coconut husks. To cut down on any negative effects caused by transportation, we then built our production factories right next to the coconut farms that fuel our product. SpillFix then goes another extra mile or two by not only absorbing more spilled liquids than its clay counterparts, but absorbing them so well that they won’t leak back into the environment once they’re cleaned up. The final result? An eco-friendly, super effective absorbent product.
  • SpillFix is safer for your workers to use. Using SpillFix could save you time, money and hassle down the line related to worker health issues. How? Because SpillFix is made from coconut husks instead of clay, it’s more absorbent and less dusty than its clay counterparts. As a result, workers are less likely to slip on leaked spill residue during the clean-up process; they’re also less likely to develop health problems related to the silica dust that clay absorbent products contain.
  • SpillFix is a multi-purpose spill cleaning tool. Why buy multiple cleaning products for your worksite if just one could do the trick? SpillFix can absorb a range of liquid spills, and as a result will work on fuel spills, acid spills, oil spills, and more. This flexibility is why SpillFix will help your company save time, save space, and…
  • SpillFix will save your company money. SpillFix is so cost effective that it’s guaranteed to save you money. But how much money, exactly, will SpillFix leave in your company’s overhead? We did the math to find out how much money SpillFix could help the average plant save, and it turns out…SpillFix could save the average American plant $9,600 a year on absorbent product, shipping costs, and disposal costs combined.
Want to learn more about SpillFix and the benefits of using it? You can read more about the benefits of using a green product and about how SpillFix meets the requirements for “going green”, as well as check out our guest post with, in which we further discuss worker safety issues related to absorbent products. Got a question? Want to say something about SpillFix or spill clean-ups? Leave your thoughts in the comments – we’d love to hear them!