10 Tips For Building A Safer, Healthier Workplace

While all companies and businesses have different end goals, one thing that they should all have in common is the desire to build a safe(r) workplace. Not only is it an employer’s legal responsibility to do this but a work safety culture can ultimately benefit a company’s bottom line.

The value of a safe workplace cannot be overstated. Consider this: OSHA has calculated that businesses spend $170 billion a year on costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses. Creating a safer work environment for employees ensures that these costs are lowered, leaving more in a the bank for business investments and operations.

In addition to this financial benefit, safe workplaces lead to improved productivity and increased employee morale. After all, happy employees are more likely to put more energy into their job, rather than quit or slack while on-duty.

All of these things are reasons to invest in a safer workplace. Exactly what this means will range between businesses – after all, safety in a sit-down office job will differ greatly from the safety procedures required for a fuel distributor, lubricant distributor, or other industrial or manufacturing-type of job.

However, certain steps can be taken no matter what industry a business is involved in to evaluate and improve workplace safety. Those steps, according to safetyworksmaine.com, are:

  1. Understand how a safety and healthy workplace benefits workers, families, businesses, and the community.
  2. Know your responsibilities for keeping a safe and healthy workplace.
  3. Develop a system for organizing safety and health efforts.
  4. Know the laws and regulations for the work you do.
  5. Address specific workplace hazards and have regular saving meetings.
  6. Cultivate a safety culture with mutual respect and open communication
  7. Celebrate your accomplishments and defer OSHA inspections with SHARP or other recognition events.
  8. Find out the best solutions to safety and health problems.
  9. Ask questions about workplace safety and health.
  10. Get help. Keeping a workplace safe and healthy is not something you can do alone.

Did you implement items on this list already? Will you do so now? Tell us your stories and leave your feedback in the comments – we’d love to hear them!