5 Ways SpillFix Can Help And Improve Your Worksite

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Every worksite should always aim to help its workers and improve its safety measures and work processes. How a company goes about doing these things often depends on the type of work being done and the company’s structure overall. But if your company could find itself dealing with some sort of liquid spill at any time during its operations, we can definitely recommend at least one change that will make a massive difference: introduce SpillFix to your spill clean-up process. SpillFix is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, easy to use and safe tool that should always be added to any company’s spillkit. Even if you have no complaints about the spill clean-up tools you’re using right now, the reality is that SpillFix can greatly improve your clean-up process in five major ways: 1. It can address a wide range of liquid spills. While many absorbent products are designed to handle one type of liquid spill, SpillFix can be used on a broad range of hazardous and non-hazardous spills, such as:
  • Fuel spills (Petrol, Diesel, AV Gas)
  • Mineral/vegetable Lubricant spills
  • Cutting fluid spills
  • Cooking oil spills
  • Solvent spills
  • Pesticide and herbicides spills
  • Low-grade chemical and acid spills
  • Liquid organic waste spills
2. It cleans more with less manpower – and in less time. When cleaning a spill with SpillFix you will need about 20% as much product as you would need if you used clay absorbents –that’s an 80% difference.   Not only will you need less product to clean a spill, but SpillFix will clean a spill faster than its clay absorbent counterparts. How much faster? SpillFix will take up to 85% less time to clean a spill – that means a lot less downtime and fewer wasted man-hours for your company! 3. It creates less waste. SpillFix is an energy efficient, green product that creates very little waste and helps the environment in four major ways:
  • Because it takes less SpillFix absorbent product to clean a spill, there’s less trash to dispose of in the event of a spill.
  • Many clay absorbent products cannot be disposed of through normal waste channels because they’re not approved by the EPA for landfill disposal. But SpillFix provides a perfect environment for the development of bio-degrading organisms that can oxidize the adsorbed hydrocarbons faster than the biodegradation of the organic SpillFix itself. In short, SpillFix doesn’t leak the spill it’s absorbed back into the landfill.
  • As a landfill safe product, SpillFix features a lower disposal cost and has no environmental impact.
  • Not only is SpillFix environmentally friendly to use – it’s also manufactured by an environmentally aware production group that employs low energy processes. Plus, since our factories are located within actual coconut plantations (SpillFix is made from coconut husks), very little fuel or energy is initially required to get our resources where they need to go.
4. It won’t harm your equipment – or your workers. Regular absorbent products produce high volumes of dust that can cause a lot of damage; not only does the dust create problems with worksite equipment, but it can irritate and even harm your workers’ lungs and health. SpillFix, however, is dust free, and better still, it contains no chemicals and is silica free. 5. It’s easy to use. How easy? This easy:   It’s time to improve your spill response tools, and SpillFix can help you do that. With SpillFix in your spill-emergency response kit, you can be confident that you are using the most effective spill cleanup solution for a healthy and safe workplace. Want to learn more about SpillFix? Leave a comment and we’ll get back to you!