What Makes SpillFix The Better Absorbent Product?

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What is your go-to absorbent product? For many people working at garages or on industrial sites, when looking to clean up a liquid spill their go-to absorbent product is one of the popular brand clay based solutions. However, the truth is that clay absorbent products are usually not easy to use and pose a number of safety-related risks when used improperly. We believe that when it comes to dealing with fuel spills, chemical spills, paint spills, and other spills, it’s time for us to switch to a better absorbent product. One such alternative product is SpillFix. SpillFix is a non-carcinogenic industrial absorbent that is totally organic, is safe to use in the workplace, and safe for the environment. So how does SpillFix compare to other common absorbents?  
  • While 1 pound of most clay-based absorbents can deal with about 0.879 pints of oil, the same amount of SpillFix can handle 3.43 pints of oil, making SpillFix the more absorbent product by far.
  • As clay absorbents often leak their contents after use they pose a major environmental risk when the used absorbent product is disposed of incorrectly. By contrast when used SpillFix is disposed of, it provides a perfect environment for the development of bio-degrading organisms that can oxidize the adsorbed content faster than the biodegradation of the organic SpillFix itself. In short, the contents that SpillFix was used to clean will degrade before the SpillFix itself. And while local laws still apply to a final disposal procedure, SpillFix Industrial Organic Absorbent has been tested to the USEPA Leachate standards for landfill disposal.
  • The resources used to create clay absorbents are often difficult and even dangerous to obtain. SpillFix, on the other hand, is made from an entirely renewable resource: coconut husks. No trees are cut down, nor are any pulping or mining processes required to produce it, making it the most ecologically sustainable absorbent product available.
  • SpillFix allows for more eco-friendly opportunities than many other absorbents. For example, used SpillFix that contains hydrocarbon spills can be utilised as a fuel source for the production of energy. Additionally, SpillFix can be used to clean out old paint cans and make them recyclable. The absorbed paint will be rendered harmless, and can be disposed of as solid waste that will not leach any toxins into the environment.
Examples like these highlight just how SpillFix functions better as an absorbent product than its clay counterparts. Interested in learning more about SpillFix? Click here to do just that, or ask your questions about it in the comments below!