When Should I Use SpillFix Absorbent Product?

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Whenever we talk about an absorbent product, we should always think of that absorbent product as a tool. Like any other tool, when it comes to cleaning up spills at work often times one type of absorbent product will do a better job than another. And as with any other type of tool, different absorbent products will work better on different spills than another type of absorbent product might. Not only that, but the type of absorbent product you use will impact your company’s effectiveness, overall safety, and performance. SpillFix is just one kind of absorbent product that you may decide to use to clean up fuel spills, chemical spills, or a range of other types of spills. But when exactly should you use SpillFix? And when should it be supplemented with other products? Today we’ll answer those questions so you can ensure that you’re using the best absorbent product for every incident you may come across while at work. What exactly is SpillFix? SpillFix Industrial Absorbent is a type of organic, nontoxic absorbent that’s made from a renewable resource (coconut husks). SpillFix is currently available in a loose form (pictured below) and in boom form. When should I use loose SpillFix absorbent product? Loose absorbent products are used to clean up the majority of liquid spills at work, and are particularly helpful when you need to clean up a spill that’s leaked into cracks, crevices, and other small spaces that a larger, solid absorbent product can’t reach. While some types of loose absorbent products have earned a bad reputation for containing dangerous crystalline silica and for being dusty, difficult to sweep or shovel and generally cumbersome to use, SpillFix removes dust from the equation and, as demonstrations show, is quick and easy to pick up and dispose of. When should I use SpillFix booms? If you have a large liquid spill that needs to be simultaneously contained and absorbed, a boom will help you get the job done. Commonly recognized as a containment tool for water-based oil spills, booms are also very effective to use on spills that happen at your place of work – both indoors and outdoors. SpillFix booms are especially useful since no spill can be cleaned before it’s been properly contained, meaning that in the event of a spill a boom is a necessity. What other absorbent products do I need to supplement my SpillFix products? Mats, socks, and pillows are all different types of absorbent products that you should stock up on at your worksite to have in case you need them. Just like loose absorbent product items and booms, these different items help workers address spills in different ways:
  • Mats, which will soak up leaks and spills, can help protect work areas or be used during an assembly or other routine work process; they’re also typically very useful in smaller spaces such as aisles and can help reduce the risk of slipping when walking in and out of entranceways. Be sure to consider whether or not you want a roll of mats or pre-cut mats, as well as how absorbent or chemically resistant your mats are.
  • Socks, a sister product of booms, can effectively contain spills and prevent them from leaking from one area into another. Socks lock off spills and keep them from spreading throughout an area. Standard socks are smaller than booms and effectively wrap around machinery, and can help prevent larger spills by absorbing leaks under or around your work equipment. Socks are great small-scale tools to use when you don’t have a full-blown spill on your hands.
  • Absorbent pillows, while often not our first absorbent product of choice, still have their place in a spill clean-up arsenal thanks to their ability to absorb more spill than the average mat. Pillows are great for catching localized drips or leaks and even for absorbing large spills.
As you can see, every worksite needs different spill products to address different spill-related needs. Assessing your workplace and deciding which products which address your safety needs is critical in determining which products to purchase to keep your worksite safe at all times. Questions? Concerns? Interested in learning more about SpillFix’s products? Just let us know in the comments!