Choose An Environmentally Friendly Absorbent

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Has your business begun to go green yet? The term “going green” is everywhere these days, usually referring to how consumers adopt environmentally friendly lifestyles and make eco-friendly choices when they shop. While different people “go green” in different ways and to varying degrees, the sentiment behind the movement has become very popular. How popular? 82% of Americans want to make their lives greener in some way. While some will succeed in their efforts and some will not, public opinion like this cannot be overlooked by any business or any industry. Remember – this ideal does not just apply to individual lifestyles. People are more likely to use and recommend brands that support good causes, such as being more environmentally friendly. And with media headlines constantly reminding the public about pollution and dwindling resources, no business should put off making the strategic decision to go green. Still not convinced? Consider this: going green as a business is good for two reasons. As we already touched on, in this day and age the public image of a business is more important than ever; one wrong move and you’ll come under intense scrutiny, as well as be remembered by the public for the wrong reasons. Plus going green actually delivers better results for your business! It makes good business sense to be friendly to the environment in 2014. There are many ways a business can begin becoming greener; for some companies, using an environmentally friendly absorbent product at work is just one action that can be taken. We highly recommend making the switch, for three major reasons:
  • Environmentally friendly absorbents often use both renewable resources and recycled materials, and are still as effective (if not more effective) as their clay-based counterparts.
  • Environmentally friendly absorbent products like SpillFix actually absorb more spilled product than other spill products on the market. This provides two major benefits – there’s less waste material to dispose of, and a business saves money as a result of having to buy less of an absorbent product over time.
  • Many environmentally friendly absorbent products are easier to dispose of than their clay counterparts. Unlike clay, nature-based products are fantastic at holding in and even degrading the very liquids they absorb. This means that if a used product ends up in landfill, it’s less likely to leak dangerous materials into the local area. Some environmentally friendly absorbents, like SpillFix, meet disposal requirements, meaning that unlike clay-based absorbents it may not be illegal to just throw out a used absorbent product! But remember: always check manufacturer details and local laws before disposing of any used product.
If your business has not made the change to green absorbent products, now is the time to do so. Remember – not only are environmentally friendly absorbent products good for the Earth: they’re also good for business. Ignoring either of these factors is silly enough. But to ignore both now would actually slow your business down on its path to success.