Boost your business with a high-demand, high-margin spill absorbent.

Your customers deal with spills all the time. Make the most of it. From spill kits to sweeping compounds, buckets, and boom socks there’s a SpillFix solution for everyone.

Benefits of Distributing SpillFix

Carry SpillFix spill absorbent, and you’ll be hooked

Industrial spills are a high-volume sales opportunity. Once they try it your customers will want to order and reorder. Reps will love the repeat business and satisfaction that drives profits!

Hook your customers on SpillFix and boost sales with a product that:

  • SELLS ITSELF – Our products are easy to understand, and our product benefits are clear.
  • BEATS THE COMPETITION – SpillFix is faster, easier, and safer – plus it’s eco-friendly!
  • HELPS EVERY CUSTOMER – Our product solves spills in every industry and is safe enough to use in schools and hospitals.
  • BUILDS LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS – SpillFix solves every customer’s pain point. You’ll earn their eternal gratitude.
  • DELIVERS GOOD MARGINS – SpillFix is simply better for your bottom line.

“I have yet to encounter a spill or leak this product can’t handle.”
– Operations Administrator, Industrial Distributor, Cleveland

SpillFix is a breeze to order, store, and ship

SpillFix is a breeze to order, store, and ship.

You’re in the business of moving products and making money. Nothing moves as smoothly as SpillFix! Our product is a distributor’s dream because it:

  • Minimizes spoilage: Our product is light, and our packaging is tough, so bags rarely split.
  • Takes up less shelf space: Our airless smart-bags pack more product in less space.
  • Costs less to ship: Lightweight SpillFix saves you in transit costs.
  • Ships fast – to you or your customers: We’re a single-source wholesaler. We guarantee fast turnaround, plus we can drop-ship directly to your customers.
  • Is here for the long term: Our product is made from the world’s coconut husk waste, an abundant, renewable resource

Build your “green” reputation, distribute the most planet-friendly spill absorbent in the market

SpillFix helps your company – and your customers – demonstrate a commitment to the environment.

SpillFix is better for the planet because we:

  1. Don’t cut down trees, and no mining required.
  2. Repurpose millions of tons of husk waste from the coconut industry.
  3. Make SpillFix from coir waste – a plentiful, renewable resource.
  4. Make it lightweight and easy to transport.
  5. Guaranteed to absorb all types of spills using less absorbent than clay products. With no harmful silica dust in the air.
  6. Reduce spill waste headed to the landfill by 66%.
SpillFix Environmental Lifecycle

“I’ve been in the business for a long time, and I’ve never seen anything like it.”
– Paul, Warehouse Manager, Chicago

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Spill absorbent solutions

In an industrial setting, spills can happen anywhere, and your customers will need more than one answer when it comes to spill absorbent products. SpillFix has more than one solution.

Absorbent Dispenser Jar

Absorbent Dispenser Jar

Granular Absorbent Bag 4 Gallon

Granular Absorbent

Spill Kit

Spill Kit

Absorbent Boom SOC 10 foot / 3 meter

Absorbent Boom SOCs