​​Keep your gas station driveways slick-free and safe with SpillFix Spill Kits

SpillFix Spill Kits include our amazing granular absorbent that cleans up driveway spills in minutes. SpillFix enables fast, safe and slick-free cleanup of all automotive fluids as well as water and oil mixtures, helping you get back to work quickly. Safe for staff, your customers and the environment. SpillFix Kits are lightweight, making it easy to transport to the scene of the spill.

Gas station spill kit contents

What goes into a GOOD Spill Kit for a gas station? 

When it comes to spills in your workplace or business, you need the right tools and plan to deal with hazards quickly. Spill Kits bring together all the items you need to effectively and swiftly stop and clean spills as they happen.​​

Our Spill Kits are the only of their kind to include our amazing granular absorbent – making them the perfect solution for your spill needs! Let us help you keep your workplace slick-free and safe.