SpillFix Universal Spill Kit in 30 Gallon Overpack Salvage Drum


SpillFix 30 Gallon Salvage Drum Spill Kit

Oil, Diesel, Gas, Petroleum, Coolants, Water and Hydraulic Fluid spills – Universal

  • Absorbs up to 27.3Gal.
  • High Visibility Drum
  • Overpack Drum complies with UN Packaging Group 1 (X-Rating) and is certified for use as DOT Salvage Drums, 49 CFR 173.3 (c).
  • The highest performing poly overpack salvage drum on the market.
  • Convenient, “no tools required” closures are perfect for clean-up and spill response activities.
  • Drums have built-in slots – Use with zip ties for added tamper resistance.
  • Lid can be tightened using a broom or shovel handle through the built-in holes.
  • Only SpillFix Spill Kits feature eco-friendly SpillFix loose absorbent and Boom socks.
  • Packed with:
    • 1 x 20lb SpillFix loose absorbent Bag
    • 1 x 7lb SpillFix loose absorbent Bag
    • 3 x 10Ft SpillFix Ultra Absorbent Boom Socks
  • Safe, Silica-dust free
  • Non-toxic, fast acting
  • Instant spill cleanup
  • Control spills, leaks and drips fast
  • Landfill safe disposal
  • World’s most absorbent sock

Single Item: 1
Half Pallet:
Pallet: 8

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Product Volume 30Gal
Product Weight 32.5lbs / 14.75kg
Container Type 30Gal Overpack Salvage Drum
Class Universal
Absorbent Capacity Up to 27.3Gal
Composition 1 x 20lb Bags SpillFix Loose Absorbent 1 x 7lb Bags SpillFix Loose Absorbent 20 x Universal PP Mat Pads 5 x Universal PP Pillows 3 x 10ft SpillFix Boom Socks 1 x Pair Nitrile Gloves Safety Goggles Trash bags & Safety manual
Material Coconut Coir, PP Mat Pads, PP Pillows
Material Features 100% Organic, Non-abrasive, Non-toxic, Silica Dust-free
UPC 933288600011 1


Oil, Diesel, Gas, Petroleum, Coolants, Water and Hydraulic Fluid spills – Universal