Natural absorbent for everyday use

The only absorbent you need for your liquid spill cleanup

Accidental spills happen and who really likes to deal with the cleanup? Whether in a vehicle, cafeteria or at the body shop just grab SpillFix to quickly, safely and effectively clean up liquid spills of any kind. Fast and easy.

SpillFix for everyday use

In your restaurant kitchen, the garage, the workshop or laundry room – or on the boat, RV or motorhome, or in rideshare vehicles – renovating or painting the house – no absorbent contains and cleans up liquid spills like SpillFix.

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  • Automotive Fluids
  • Water & Water/Oil
  • Vomit, Blood, Urine
  • Sauces, Syrups
  • Paints, Adhesives & Glue
  • Household Chemicals

Who benefits from having SpillFix organic absorbent on hand

  • Plumbers & Painters
  • Events Safety Managers
  • Handymen
  • Cleaning Crews – Cinemas, Festivals, Concerts
  • Home Renovators
  • Taxi and Rideshare Drivers (LYFT/UBER)
  • Janitors & Maintenance Managers
  • First Responders
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SpillFix – for the environmentally conscious consumer


Even home garages too crowded for an actual car are often filled with liquids just waiting to spill! Use our 100% organic compound to soak up spills from your DIY projects: wood stain, paint (including latex paint), turpentine, and lubricating oil. SpillFix works on all automotive fluids, too.


Funny how cleaning items can cause sticky messes. Use SpillFix to mop up spilled bleach, laundry detergent, and liquid fabric softener. And of course, it soaks up water in the unfortunate case of a leaking washing machine, hot water heater, or water softener that are often installed inside laundry rooms.


No more crying over spilled milk, because SpillFix works fast to soak up an amazing amount of liquids in today’s kitchens. It’s non-toxic and can safely be used to clean spills and to safely dispose of cooking oils like olive oil, cottonseed oil, and soybean oil to ketchup, ice cream, fruit juice, and soup. Use SpillFix as a fat absorber in your BBQ spill tray. It works as a waterless cleaner to remove fat and greases from your griller/bbq plates.


Hosts can rely on SpillFix to quickly clean spilled drinks, including spirits, wine, and beer. Hobbies make messes, too. Luckily for enthusiasts, SpillFix soaks up spills from glues like gorilla glue, oil and acrylic paint, spray paint, paraffin wax, and tannic acid used in woodworking.


Oils, lubricants, gasoline, and other liquids keep recreational vehicles including motorhomes, fifth wheels, trailers, and boats running smoothly. But when they spill, they leave behind slippery, often flammable, messes. SpillFix is easy to store and use for a prompt, thorough cleaning that eliminates greasy residue. It can even clean up degreasers!


Even experienced parents can’t prevent potty pet housebreaking accidents 100% of the time. Smart ones keep a ready supply of SpillFix to quickly clean up urine before an unpleasant smell sets in. It will also absorb toilet overflow triggered by enthusiastic toddlers and, if YouTube videos are true, bored cats and new puppies.

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How do you clean up spilled vegetable oil?

A. The best way to clean up spilled vegetable oil is with a natural granular absorbent like SpillFix.

Does baking soda absorb oil?

A. Baking Soda does not absorb oil very well.

Does salt soak up oil?

A. Salt does not absorb oil.

Does bleach remove oil stains?

A. Bleach will not remove oil stains.

Does vinegar cut grease?

A. Yes vinegar can be used to cut grease.