Application: Education & University Campus


INDUSTRY: Universities, Education

LOCATIONS ABSORBENT USED: Residence Halls, Dorms, Laundry Rooms, Lounges, Library, Laboratories, Cafeteria, Kitchen, Police Cars & Carts

PRIMARY SPILLS: Food, Oil, Bodily Fluids

SPILLFIX ABSORBENTS USED: Absorbent Dispenser Jar, Granular Absorbent, Absorbent Bucket


  1. Reduced cost of replacing property
  2. Reduced labor cost
  3. Reduced response time to spills
  4. Eliminated need of other absorbents
  5. Reduced spill cleanup time


We use SpillFix in multiple locations on campus for a large number of different spills – food, drinks, vomit and also for oil and automotive spills.

We have SpillFix shaker jars to quickly take care of smaller spills whether it’s in the cafeteria, kitchen, dorm rooms, laundry rooms, front desks of buildings or really everywhere around campus. Our police cars and carts carry SpillFix so they can respond fast to a spill, instead of having to call maintenance and wait – while the spill spreads and gets worse. This means big savings, where we don’t need to replace flooring etc. and it can mean tens of thousands in savings by preserving our buildings.

We also keep SpillFix product in our maintenance facilities and use it for automotive, fluid and oil spills.

I cannot be happier with our spill cleanup now, using SpillFix. It just takes care of all the spills and does it fast and effectively. Cleanup now is so much easier and less of a hassle.

We are planning student initiatives where they can easily access SpillFix product and initiate the cleanup and then notify the maintenance to finish the cleanup. This way we all proudly care for our school and campus.