SpillFix and LEAN Certification
for the Food Industry

Guy slipping and falling

Spills can threaten the safety & performance of food manufacturing and processing workplaces.

Spilling sauces, vegetable oils, additives, sodas and syrups as well as machinery and hydraulic fluid drips and leaks can happen everywhere from the loading dock, throughout the food processing floor into warehousing and transport.

Every year 229,240 slip and fall injuries occur in the U.S. and too often they are associated with spills. Using ineffective spill management methods and products to deal with your spills create unnecessary risks and wasted time, wasted resources, and wasted effort.

On your journey toward better processes and continuous improvements, you may be considering getting LEAN certified. Improved, efficient spill management taps into the root of LEAN principles; reducing waste and driving improvements in employee safety and productivity. A step towards these outcomes is to implement more efficient spill management methods and products.

An innovative, natural solution for spill management that perfectly aligns with Lean principles, is SpillFix universal granular absorbents. The adoption of SpillFix for your spills management provides a healthier, safer, and cleaner environment for your employees, as well as improving your company’s sustainability and environmental stewardship scores.


Broken bags of clay absorbent laying next to a clean bag of SpillFix

Reduced Product Waste

75% Less absorbent products required due to SpillFix’s incredible absorption capacity.

Person carrying a heavy bag

Reduced Effort Waste

80% Faster cleanup time due to instant spill absorption and the elimination of secondary chemical, mop and bucket cleanup.

Caution slippery floor sign

Reduced Safety Waste

100% Less slip and fall risk from spills due to immediate and complete spill removal resulting in a dry, safe, slick-free surface.

A blue house and yellow house

Reduced Space Waste

75% Less absorbent required equates to less inventory storage space.

Red dump trucks caring waste material

Reduced Transportation & Disposal Waste

66% Less disposal waste generated due to long-lasting concentrated absorbency, resulting in fewer deliveries and less frequent waste disposal.


The environmental life-cycle of SpillFix
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"Bar-B-Que sauce is easy enough to clean up when it’s on your fingers and lips, but it’s an entirely different story when a five-gallon jug of it ruptures and flows onto a warehouse floor. SpillFix was applied to the entire disaster area – from the pallet to the cardboard, the shrink wrap and the growing puddle on the floor. In three and a half minutes, the entire mess was cleaned, and the warehouse was restored to a safe workplace again — using just one product. "

Warehouse Supervisor, Food Manufacturing