Automotive Industry Spill Cleanup

SpillFix can help with all sorts of Automotive industry spill cleanup. Whether it’s fuel spills, oil spills or other automotive fluids, learn more about spill response and management for automotive industry workers through our resources.

Automotive industry

SpillFix can help with all sorts of spills that occur at mechanics, garages, smash repairers and more. Whether it’s oil drips, hydraulic leaks or fuel spilt on the workshop floor, SpillFix can stop and clean up the spill quickly and effectively. Learn more through our resources! Clean up automotive spills in minutes. SpillFix enables fast, safe and slick-free cleanup of all automotive fluids. Safe for staff, your customers and the environment.

Effective spill response for the automotive industry

Learn how to protect and effectively respond to hazards like oil leaks and fuel spills.

FAQs about Automotive Spill Response

What is the best Spill Kit for oil spills?

The best spill kit for oil spills include materials to leave the area slick-free and not requiring secondary cleanup with mops and buckets. This makes SpillFix spill kits that include a granular absorbent, as well as boom socks, mats, pillows and PPE, perfect for oil spills.

What should I use to clean an oil spill?

To clean an oil spill use a granular absorbent that will do the cleanup instantly and leave the surface slick-free and dry.

Key Products for Automotive Industry Spill Cleanup