LEAN Production and Manufacturing

Companies that practice LEAN production strive to achieve nothing short of perfection. The relentless pursuit of perfection is what drives practitioners of LEAN to dig deeper, measure more, and change more often than their competitors.

The path toward perfect processes happens by making improvements step by step and by addressing root causes of problems and production waste.

An array of SpillFix products
  • Reduced Effort
  • Reduced Time
  • Reduced Space
  • Reduced Cost
  • Reduced Accidents
  • Reduced Waste
NSF, ORMI listed, Eco-Friendly

Achieving LEAN production with SpillFix

Reduce Effort Waste

  • Reduce effort waste by saving 100s of hours per year by switching from slower-acting absorbents and labor-intensive cleaning methods.
  • Reduce the amount of absorbent used by 70% (by weight) compared to traditional clay absorbents.
Person carrying a heavy bag

Reduce Time Waste

  • Zero wait and down-time: SpillFix absorbs on contact and leaves surfaces dry and slick free
  • Reduce labor (cost and time): No need for secondary chemical, mop and bucket clean up
A person looking at their watch waiting for a spill to dry

Reduce Space and Transport Waste

  • Reduce transportation cost by using SpillFix a lightweight concentrated absorbent, requiring less frequent deliveries and disposal
  • Reduce space by storing up to 75% less absorbent product
A blue delivery truck

Reduce Accidents

  • Prevent Slip and Fall accidents by cleaning up spills with instant absorbing SpillFix
  • Prevent back injuries with SpillFix lightweight natural absorbent
    Prevent a potential liability claim for lung disease using Silica dust free SpillFix
Guy slipping and falling

Reduce Amount and Cost of Waste Disposal

  • Massively reduce disposal cost by generating 66% less waste (by weight)
  • Reduce disposal cost by creating non-hazardous landfill-safe waste using SpillFix
  • Storage, and disposal
  • SpillFix is reusable until fully saturated and in most instances can be disposed of in non-hazardous landfill
A dump truck hauling away waste materials
Feature Pads Clay/Kitty Litter SpillFix
Certified Food Safe No No Yes
Made From Renewable Resources No No Yes
Reduces Water Usage No No Yes
Non-Drip, Fully Encapsulating No No Yes
Landfill Safe No No Yes
Secondary Mop & Bucket Cleanup Required Required Not Needed


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LEAN compliant absorbents – top choices

Absorbent Dispenser Jar

Absorbent Dispenser Jar


Granular Absorbent Bag 15 Gallon

Granular Absorbent


Absorbent Boom SOC 5 foot / 1.5 meter

Absorbent Boom SOCs


SpillFix environment life-cycle

SpillFix helps your company – and your customers – demonstrate a commitment to the environment.

SpillFix is better for the planet because we:

  1. Don’t cut down trees, and no mining required
  2. Repurpose millions of tons of husk waste from the coconut industry
  3. Make SpillFix from coir waste – a plentiful, renewable resource
  4. Make it lightweight and easy to transport
  5. Guarantee is absorbs all types of spills using less absorbent that clay products. With no harmful silica dust in the air
  6. Reduce spill waste headed to the landfill by 66%
SpillFix Environmental Lifecycle