Manufacturing Industry Case Studies

Why the Manufacturing Industry Needs Spill Absorbents

Water, liquid polymers, and ferric chloride are some of the many fluids used in manufacturing centers. If any should leak or spill, fast and thorough cleanup is paramount.

The liquid polymer is near-universal in manufacturing. Derived from petroleum, it’s used as an adhesive and coating to seal in components in products as varied as television sets to aircraft parts and styrofoam, paint, and carpets. It’s also highly flammable; spills must be safely contained, cleaned, and disposed of.

The Duraflex plant in Hartford, Connecticut, relies on SpillFix to clean polymer spills and leaks that happen during the manufacture of products like paint, sealers, resurfacers, and topcoats. Plant managers said other cleaners left a residue. One demonstration in 2016 convinced them to switch to SpillFix!

A water treatment plant in Cleveland also switched to SpillFix to thoroughly clean liquid polymer spills. Cleaning time has been reduced by 60% and clean, dry surfaces make the plant safer. Its maintenance director told us “we’ve never had anything that can clean up the polymer. This is a whole new avenue for us.”

Benefits of Spill Absorbents for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing can be a sloppy process. At the same time, it’s about the worst place to tolerate slippery surfaces, in part because their equipment is used to cut, grind, and sharpen raw material.

A lot of chemicals are used in manufacturing and many are caustic or toxic. Spills and leaks have to be cleaned immediately. A cleaning process that takes an hour or more is unacceptable in terms of employee safety and fulfilling orders in a timely manner. SpillFix is fast, convenient, thorough, and leaves little waste to dispose.

That last step is critical. One customer commented that “we had to find something that didn’t create spontaneous fires in our dumpsters.”

Common Types of Spills

  • Polymers
  • Oil
  • Sludge
  • Paint
  • Ferric chloride
  • Water

Multinational Chemical Manufacturer, Wastewater Treatment Plant
“I’ve been here 25 years and we’ve never had anything that can clean up the polymer. This is a whole new avenue for us.”
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North American Building Materials Manufacturer, Plant
“Switch to SpillFix has made a huge difference.”
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National Paint and Coating Manufacturer, Branch Store
“Cleaning up a 5-gal tub of acrylic paint is a breeze.”
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