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National Paint and Coating Manufacturer


Quick Facts

National Paint and Coating Manufacturer

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SpillFix Granular Absorbent

Lightweight concentrated super absorbent proven on spills from all industries.

Absorbent Boom Socks

Ultra-absorbent and filled with SpillFix granular absorbent, our socks are the most absorbent of their kind.

Executive Summary

When paint is spilled, cleanup can be a frustrating experience. With high viscosity and an increased potential for staining, finding the right solution to deal with paint spills is important for manufacturers. For some paint and coating manufacturers, spills are no longer a hassle.

The Challenges

  • No effective way to deal with paint spills without high use time and labour
  • Spilt paint often left stains, caused by the time it took to clean
  • Time was taken out of the production and delivery of product, reducing profits

The Solution

The implementation of SpillFix Granular Absorbent in various forms, including bags and easy dispensable jars, to quickly stop spills and clean them up without leaving stains on the driveway or work floor.

The Results

Quick Overview

  • Faster cleanup with no wait time
  • Massive reduction in production interruptions
  • Leaves surfaces stain-free

Customer Experience

National Paint and Coating Manufacturer

Sometime in the morning at a commercial store branch of a large National Paint and Coating Manufacturer in the USA, a paint spill occurred. A five-gallon tub of acrylic paint was knocked over while a delivery truck was being unloaded. Even after the workers’ quick response, at least a half-gallon of beige paint was spilled onto the cement driveway.

Having seen SpillFix in action before, the Branch Manager quickly utilised SpillFix granular absorbent to deal with the spill. The spill was cleaned up in a matter of minutes. They sprayed the stained concrete with a little Simple Green to loosen the drying acrylic paint, then used a second application of SpillFix to clean it completely. Every bit of stain color was removed from the concrete – Everyone was astonished.

Shop Spill Solutions

Engineered for ops managers who desire maximum uptime and lower costs. SpillFix granular absorbents, boom socks and spill kits – with absorbent mats and pads, are one step solutions that cleans 80% faster, and reduces your waste disposal cost by 66%.

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