Case Study:

Case Study: Multinational Delivery Services

I have yet to encounter a spill or leak this product can’t handle


Multinational Delivery Services


Ground Operations


All types of liquid spills and leaks from packages



  1. Eliminated secondary cleanup
  2. Minimized downtime
  3. Saves time
  4. Saves money - Only one absorbent required to take care of all types of spills


“I have yet to encounter a spill or leak this product can’t handle. I could go on and on about how amazing and how impressed I am with SpillFix.”

…as of right now our facility has used less than half the bags and its all thanks to the re-usability that this product has, the fact that we can use SpillFix 3-4 times on different spills and leaks before it has to be discarded. I have yet to encounter a spill or leak this product can’t handle. Without SpillFix, my job would be much more difficult to achieve.

…the money we as a company would save if we switched fully to SpillFix is in the thousands if not hundreds of thousands. No product on the market is better suited for safe spill cleanup than SpillFix. I fully give this product a 100% success. I’ve been working here for almost 8 years. Best thing I’ve ever used in my job to date.”

Fedex, Ground Operations Administrator

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"Bar-B-Que sauce is easy enough to clean up when it’s on your fingers and lips, but it’s an entirely different story when a five-gallon jug of it ruptures and flows onto a warehouse floor. SpillFix was applied to the entire disaster area – from the pallet to the cardboard, the shrink wrap and the growing puddle on the floor. In three and a half minutes, the entire mess was cleaned, and the warehouse was restored to a safe workplace again — using just one product. "

Warehouse Supervisor, Food Manufacturing