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Why Transportation Industry Needs Spill Absorbents?

The transportation industry uses a lot of oily, often flammable, fluids to propel the industry along with gasoline, motor oil, fuel oil, transmission fluids, brake fluids, coolant, and so on. In an industry where speed means success, spills will be inevitable. They happen anywhere along the route, whether it’s on highways or local roads, rails, or in the air.

And it’s not just spills from the transporter’s parts — any number of products can break and spill along the way as well. This is one industry that’s probably seen every kind of spill imaginable, from hazardous waste to chocolate that melted on the freeway, beer, printer ink, syrup, and, yes, spilled milk.

Can SpillFix handle them?
“I have yet to encounter a spill or leak this product can’t handle,” a FedEx ground operations manager says.

Benefits of Spill Absorbents for Transportation Industry

Unlike other industries, spills in the transportation industry aren’t a momentary or individual inconvenience. Everyone sharing the route is affected. The sooner a real absorbent is properly applied to a spill, the faster it is contained, cleaned up, and business gets back to normal. SpillFix does this faster and more thoroughly than any other competitor in the spill cleaning market.

SpillFix is used three to four times before it’s discarded, according to the FedEx manager.

“The money we as a company would save if we switched fully to SpillFix is in the thousands if not hundreds of thousands. No product on the market is better suited for safe spill cleanup.”

A Pepsico fleet manager tells us:

“We used to have our waste picked up once per month. We haven’t needed a pickup yet (approximately two months and counting).”

Finally, SpillFix takes up just one-quarter of the storage space used by traditional absorbents like kitty litter.

Common Types of Spills

  • Gasoline
  • Fuel oil
  • Nitric acid
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Ammonium hydroxide
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Coolant / ethylene glycol
  • Transmission fluid
  • Battery acid

Multinational Delivery Services, Ground Operations
“I have yet to encounter a spill or a leak this product can’t handle.”
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