What makes SpillFix different? 4 things you may not know.

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A little time spent on our site will clearly show that SpillFix is a natural spill absorbent product made especially with operations and plant managers in mind. But there are still a few things about this innovative product you may not be aware of. SpillFix is different to other absorbents, in more ways than one!

Getting started with SpillFix

1. SpillFix Is Made Out Coconuts.

SpillFix is primarily made out of coir, a renewable resource harvested from coconut husks. By creating our product through this process, we’ve reduced our impact on the environment and ensured we’ll always have ways to meet the demands of our customers.

2. SpillFix Is Safe For Worker’s Lungs.

Compared to clay absorbent products, SpillFix is a safer alternative for cleaning workplace spills. Silica dust, a damaging health chemical normally present in clay absorbents, is absent from our product. Because of this, businesses can rest assured knowing spills will be cleaned without the risk of their workers falling ill.

3. SpillFix Saves Your Business Money.

SpillFix takes 85% less time and 80% less product clean spills. From a business perspective, when workers clean spills faster, that means the company wastes less money on employee downtime. Additionally, because SpillFix doesn’t require you to use as much product for one spill, SpillFix granular absorbent products last a lot longer than other products before you have to purchase a new bag.

4. SpillFix Disposal Is Easy.

If getting rid of used absorbent products stresses you out, we have good news – SpillFix disposal is quick and easy. SpillFix has already been tested to the USEPA Leachate standards for landfill disposal (of course you would always want to check your local standards before disposing in a landfill). You could also burn SpillFix as a fuel source for incinerators if you used to product to clean hydrocarbon spills.

These are just a few reasons to purchase SpillFix absorbent products for your business. It just goes to show that even if you think you know it all, there’s always so much more you can learn about SpillFix. Shop SpillFix now and see the difference for yourself!