SpillFix: A Spill Absorbent for Every Industry And Trade

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Although it’s something we all try to avoid, workplace spills happen to everyone in every industry. Because of this common occurrence, it’s important to keep a spill absorbent product on hand no matter where you work. Our suggestion? Rather than research thousands of industry-specific absorbent products that may or may not work, take the time to invest in SpillFix.

Not only is SpillFix an efficient clean-up product – it’s an all natural absorbent product made from an organic renewable resource: coconut husk. Between it’s excellent clean-up track record and its green properties, it makes a perfect addition to spill kits in a range of industries. Think we’re kidding? Here are 4 industries and trades where SpillFix could really make a difference during your work day.


In the manufacturing industry, workers handle large parts and machinery regularly. As time goes on, some of the older pieces of equipment could leak substances such as industrial lubricants. Because of this hazard, workers in this industry should always stay vigilant and be prepared to handle workplace spills when working around pieces of machinery. To accomplish this, we recommend that manufacturing staff members go through regular training courses and instruction – as provided by OSHA and company managers – on how to use their spill kits and other office clean-up tools.


For mechanics, the garage is one of the messiest places to be. This trade has a high probability of oil and fuel spills by nature. When employees work with vehicles and carry large buckets of liquid, one accident could lead to a big mess. Proper spill kit maintenance and absorbent product usage is especially important for mechanics – without these tools, entire businesses can quickly go under due to fines and other expenses following a poorly handled spill.


Restaurants, especially in the fast food industry, deal with spills regularly. From everyday water spills to fryer cooking oil, dangerous work spill hazards are always a possibility. However, when restaurants keep SpillFix on hand, they can rest assured knowing that their spill kit’s main tool can quickly absorb many different types of spills and will leave kitchen floors safe for workers.


Here’s one great place for absorbent products that people probably don’t think of often – the painting industry. When you take the time to consider it, paint spills are pretty commonplace for interior and exterior painters alike. The slick properties of wet paint make cleaning up spills hard to handle for a rag. Worse, paint is designed to stick to whatever it’s applied to; once it’s been spilled, it can be hard to clean it back up. But with SpillFix, spilled paint becomes trapped inside the hollow structure of the absorbent product, making cleaning paint spills quick, efficient and easy for painters. This not only saves the painters time, but ensures that their final job looks perfect upon completion.

At SpillFix, we strive to be the go-to spill absorbent product for every business. So the next time you think to yourself, “SpillFix doesn’t belong in my industry,” we hope you remember these bits of information and give us a try.