Case Study

National Beverage Manufacturer


Quick Facts

Beverage Manufacturing

Warehouse & Fleet

Soda, syrups, water


SpillFix Granular Absorbent

Lightweight concentrated super absorbent proven on spills from all industries.

Executive Summary

For beverage manufacturers around the USA and the world, spills of soda, syrups, water and more present significant challenges. National beverage manufacturer Pepsico implemented SpillFix and saw a big difference in their spill response.

The Challenges

  • Previous absorbent product took a long time to work, it had to be laid down and left for a few hours or a day
  • Weight of the previous absorbent was also a potential hazard, and very labour intensive
  • Cleaning rough surfaces was difficult and time consuming

The Solution

Implementing SpillFix Granular Absorbent in various forms, including bags and easy dispensable jars, to quickly stop spills and clean them up with no residue left behind. Ventura Foods made an initial order of SpillFix and hasn’t looked back.

The Results

Quick Overview

  • Reduced absorbent waste
  • Reduced labor cost
  • Eliminated cleanup wait time
  • Reduced waste disposal cost
  • Easier to transport (lightweight)

Customer Experience

Fleet Manager, Pepsico

Easier To Transport: Unloading with one person vs two (the current product is heavier, bags break, etc). For Yard Spills, requires a 2lb Container vs a 55 Gallon Drum – It is a cost savings for us.

Waste: We used to have our waste picked up once per month. We haven’t needed a pickup yet (approximately 2 months and counting).

Use: We have gone through 2 Bags of SpillFix vs what would have been 6-8 bags of our current product.

“SpillFix cleans the spills up on our floors better than the previous current products. In the past, we put down our current product and walked away for a few hours or a day. SpillFix can be cleaned up right away.”

Fleet Manager, Pepsico

Shop SpillFix Spill Solutions

Engineered for ops managers who desire maximum uptime and lower costs. SpillFix granular absorbents, boom socks and spill kits – with absorbent mats and pads, are one step solutions that cleans 80% faster, and reduces your waste disposal cost by 66%.

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