Case Study: National Beverage Manufacturer

INDUSTRY: Beverage Manufacturing


PRIMARY SPILLS: Soda, syrups, water



  • Reduced absorbent waste
  • Reduced labor cost
  • Eliminated cleanup wait time
  • Reduced waste disposal cost
  • Easier to transport (lightweight)
Granular Absorbent Bag 15 Gallon

CUSTOMER REPORTING: Observations and results after switching to Spillfix from a clay absorbent.

SpillFix cleans the spills up on our floors better than the previous current products. However, the cleaning has to be done correctly, this is a watch-out-change for our team.

In the past, we put down our current product and walked away for a few hours or a day. SpillFix should be cleaned up right away. This requires training and reminders until it sinks in with the Team.

Ultimately, as the behavior has been changed, the floors look better. Easier cleanup once finished with “working the product.” Overall, no reduction in labor spent on spills. It has been a wash.

For rough floors, not sealed, like our parking lot, SpillFix does a much better job than our current product getting into the cracks and crevices.

Easier To Transport: Unloading with one person vs two (the current product is heavier, bags break, etc). For Yard Spills, requires a 2lb Container vs a 55 Gallon Drum – It is a cost savings for us:

Waste: We used to have our waste picked up once per month. We haven’t needed a pickup yet (approximately 2 months and counting).

Use: We have gone through 2 Bags of SpillFix vs what would have been 6-8 bags of our current product.

Fleet Manager, Pepsico