Case Study: National Food Manufacturer


INDUSTRY: Food Manufacturing

LOCATIONS ABSORBENT USED: Maintenance Shops and in Bulk Oils Department, Tractor trailer lot

PRIMARY SPILLS: Vegetable oils, dressings, sauces, mayonnaises

SPILLFIX ABSORBENTS USED: Granular Absorbent, Absorbent Dispenser Jar


  1. Faster cleanup with no wait time
  2. Massive reduction in waste disposal
  3. Cost reduction of oily rags disposal from 7 drums to zero
  4. It just works where no other granular absorbent did.


The “pig” absorbent, which is shredded paper product, required up to 1 1/2 hours to clean up a spill and still left a residue behind that had to be scrubbed from the floor.

Thanks to the re-usability of SpillFix, we only had to purchase 2 skids of the product back in October and haven’t had to purchase any additional yet.

In 2014, I paid to dispose of 7 drums of oily rags and absorbent. In 2015, I disposed of 6 drums of the same. So far in 2016, I have not disposed of any – and right now have only a portion of a drum with a few oily rags from other processes. No SpillFix at all to dispose of.

Currently, we use SpillFix in the maintenance shops and in our Bulk Oils department – where the majority of spills occur. This is vegetable oil that comes in on railcars and we pump it into tanks. Sometimes we rotate it and/or add flavorings and repackage it. We sometimes will have lids that don’t seal, and when we flip the boxes to put them other pallets they sometimes let loose – and up to 35 lbs (or more) of oil can spill. Also, if there is a crash on the conveyor the oil finds its way to floor in those cases.

We generally place it on the floor and give it a couple minutes to soak up the spill. We then work it into the floor with a broom, wait a few minutes and scoop it up. No residue left behind to clean up. My maintenance crew also uses it sometimes after working on the machines to remove the oil on their hands.

I used to get complaints all the time about the previous product we used because it just wasn’t effective. I have now virtually eliminated a waste stream with the SpillFix and my staff LOVES using it. No one has asked for any other type of product since we began using it, and believe me, they would if they didn’t like it.

It has had a profound effect on cleanup around here. We have even used it a couple times out in our tractor trailer lot. We had a broken radiator and a blown oil line on a trailer that came to pick up a load. We used SpillFix to clean up the fluids and disposed of it properly, and there was no residue to our stormwater drains or anything. Stopped the spills in their tracks.

Operations Manager, Ventura Foods