Case Study: Food Manufacturing

INDUSTRY: Food Manufacturing


PRIMARY SPILLS: BBQ sauces, dairy products, meat (blood), beverages

SPILLFIX ABSORBENTS USED: Granular Absorbent, Absorbent Dispenser Jar


  1. 3.5 minutes to clean up a large spill
  2. Eliminated secondary cleanup
  3. Minimized downtime
  4. Eliminated scrubbing with soap and water – SpillFix does it all
  5. It just works where no other granular absorbent did.


Bar-B-Que sauce is easy enough to clean up when it’s on your fingers and lips, but it’s an entirely different story when a five-gallon jug of it ruptures and flows onto a warehouse floor. SpillFix was applied to the entire disaster area – from the pallet to the cardboard, the shrink wrap and the growing puddle on the floor. It was even used to absorb the sauce on workers’ hands.

In three and a half minutes, the entire mess was cleaned, and the warehouse was restored to a safe workplace again — using just one product. The reaction of the warehouse manager? “That spill would normally have required kitty litter, soap and water, a good amount of scrubbing and a lot of downtime. SpillFix is one complete solution.”

Sysco Foods, Warehouse Supervisor