A Safe Work Environment Starts with You!

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No matter where you work, the risk of injuries lurks around every corner. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) business report 3.4 worker related injuries or illnesses occur per 100 workers. Falls, electrocutions, being hit by heavy objects or being caught between machinery parts cause most of the injuries in the workplace. Avoiding these problems starts with handling your actions during the day and in emergency situations properly. By being a workplace safety leader, you can protect yourself and your fellow coworkers from unnecessary injuries. 1. Clean up your area: Are there tools scattered across your work area? Do you leave electrical cords tangled when you finish working with them? Do fuel spills or cooking oil spills cover the floor? If so, you’re setting up your work zone for a serious disaster, as well as for major fines and workplace safety violations. Fortunately, a few simple basic clean-up tips will make your work area a lot safer:
  • Start keeping your tools and supplies neatly organized to limit your risk of dropping heavy equipment, which can cause serious injuries. Staying organized will also help you find tools and fix problems as they arise much more quickly.
  • Keep walkways open and limit the number of electrical cords in use in one area at a time – this reduces the risk of your workers tripping or even being electrocuted.
  • Clean up spills as soon as they occur. Spill absorbent products, such as SpillFix, eliminate spills the best. The SpillFix coconut husk base sucks liquid off the ground leaving a smooth and dry surface. When employees clean spills quickly and efficiently, workers move around without the risk of slipping.
2. Participate in safety training classes: Staying up to date on the latest trends will protect yourself and others from potential safety hazards in the workplace. Brushing up on safety tips will help ensure that your team can identify and avoid a potentially dangerous situation at work. Not sure where to go for the latest in safety training? OSHA teaches workplace safety courses in many industries, including construction, general industry, and maritime. They also offer certificate and degree programs for those who wish to teach others the importance of workplace safety and how to avoid dangerous situations.So make sure you’re giving them the best example to follow! 3. Be a good example to other employees: Imitation is the best form of flattery. If people in your business start following your safety examples, you know your safety skills are changing the workplace environment. So make sure you’re giving them the best example to follow! Always wear your protective gear, such as hard hats, when working in dangerous areas. If you see someone struggling with heavy equipment, offer them a helping hand. Grab a broom to sweep up a busy fellow worker’s area. All these things ensure the passage of your safety values throughout the workplace. In the end, only you can prevent accidents from happening in the workplace. Always clean up your work station before you start a new task. Inform yourself about the latest safety information to stay ahead of potential dangers. Finally, pass on your talents to the rest of your coworkers. If you start acting with a better concern for safety today, it will certainly make for a better tomorrow.