4 Steps For Fulfilling A Safety-Related New Year’s Resolution

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The beginning of the new year is a time where many of us set new personal goals to fulfill. However, New Year’s resolutions aren’t only for personal use – businesses can use this time to develop new plans for budgets, expansions, or company policies. If you choose to use the new year as an opportunity to enhance the workplace safety policy at your company, we want to share these four tips to help you follow through with your goal. 1. Eliminate Existing Hazards The first step to instilling a culture of safety in your business is to make your company a safer place for employees to work. First, take the time analyze floor plans and address all tripping hazards. Then, examine equipment and tools for old or worn out parts. Also, don’t forget to be on the look out for faulty wires, the mishandling of chemicals, or other potential industry related safety risks. When you’re finished searching for obvious signs of vulnerabilities in the area, take another look at your existing safety equipment to be sure it’s all in good condition for employee use. For example, double check gloves for holes, examine fire extinguishers for usability, and invest in a modern professional spill absorbent product for workplace spills. 2. Encourage Additional, Up-To-Date Training If you’ve fallen behind on safety training for yourself or the rest of the company, use the new year as an opportunity to schedule new training times now to avoid future accidents and fines. The official OSHA website has all the information you need on mandatory (and optional) training courses, making it the best place to start. When organizing these meetings and training times, try to make them as engaging as possible. The Huffington Post states that by creating hands-on lessons, rather than lecture based meetings, students and employees are more likely to experience success outside of the learning space. 3. Inspire Employee Participation In order to carry out a successful safety plan with your company, the employees must be on board with the initiative. Sometimes, lower level employees may be aware of safety hazards in the area that upper management hasn’t thought of. Encourage participation from workers by building tip boxes and creating safety committees. When communicating new ideas with your employees, always emphasize that comments regarding workplace safety will be taken seriously. Offer anonymous channels of reporting as well, in case anyone is particularly worried about speaking up. 4. Provide incentives for safe behavior As stated in a Chron business article, rewards are a great way to encourage positive behavior in the workplace. By simply recognizing the effort your employees put out on a daily basis, workers become more inclined to strengthen the culture of safety in your business. When workers understand that their own personal journey to safety is a recognizable achievement, they often feel more passionate about the goals of management. As the new year begins, we encourage you to use these steps to bring your company one step closer to a stronger culture of workplace safety overall. But remember: this isn’t a one-time deal! Safety in your business is something that needs to be carried out year after year. Because in the end, safety in the workplace isn’t something you can afford to give up on.