Food and Beverage Industry Case Studies

Why the Food Industry needs Spill Absorbents

An industrial food spill is nothing like a kitchen spill. As one SpillFix customer noted:

“Bar-B-Que sauce is easy enough to clean up when it’s on your fingers and lips, but it’s an entirely different story when a five-gallon jug of it ruptures…”

Imagine a rupture and spill of a substance like olive oil! One of our food industry customers uses SpillFix in the oils department where spills are common. The product used previously was ineffective and took a startling two and a half hours to clean a spill, and still left residue behind.

SpillFix, though, has had “a profound effect” on cleanup:

“We generally place it on the floor and give it a couple of minutes to soak up the spill. We, then, work it into the floor with a broom, wait a few minutes, and scoop it up. No residue left behind to clean up. My maintenance crew also uses it after working on the machines to remove the oil on their hands.”

Using SpillFix also eliminated a waste product stream of drums for oily rags because there is no need for secondary cleaning materials.

The hospitality side of the industry needs fast cleanup solutions, too. Customers and employees are in close proximity, so eliminating a spill accident minimizes embarrassment and prevents the potential for slip and fall injuries.

Benefits of Spill Absorbents for Food Industries

Compared to other spill absorbents, SpillFix does much more work with less product; maintaining large quantities of it is not necessary. Our customer above reports just two purchases of SpillFix skids and has safely reused it as well.

It also completes cleanup drastically faster than its competitors, and the fact that it’s 100% organic means it does not pose a contamination threat to food supplies. These are some of the reasons why it’s LEAN certified for the food industry.

Common Types of Spills

Food service venues:

  • Oils
  • Beverages, including juices and expensive wines and spirits
  • Ice
  • Sauces
  • Syrups

Food production:

  • Lubricating oils used on production equipment
  • Glycerol
  • Sucrose
  • Citric acid

National Beverage Manufacturer, Warehouse & Transportation Management
“Switching to Spillfix drastically reduced our waste disposal bill.”
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North American Food Manufacturer, Maintenance Shop & Bulk Oils Dept.
“SpillFix has had a profound effect on vegetable oil cleanup.”
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National Food Manufacturer, Warehouse
“A large spill was cleaned up in only 3.5 minutes using SpillFix.”
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National Food Industry Distributor, Warehouse
“I’ve never seen anything like it. A fast, safe way to resolve spills inside a freezer.”
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